Posted by: Opey | April 18, 2007

Brew Crew Wednesdays V 1.0

I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to do a weekly post regarding everyones favorite baseball team from Milwaukee, The Brewers. I’ve been a ‘Crew fan since the earliest years of my childhood. I grew up during the final years of Robin Yount and Paul Molitor, and have grown to love the new crop of Fielder, Hall, Weeks, Hardy and the list goes on and on. So, that being said, every Wednesday is now officially Brew Crew Wednesday and there’s no place better to start than with a prediction post. Now, most of the baseball world took the path more traveled and wrote out their deep and analytical predictions weeks and even months before the start of the season. I, on the other hand, will blaze a trail and give my predictions after the first two plus weeks of games. I have faith in this years team. The young trio of Hardy, Weeks, and Fielder can only get better with a years of experience under their belts. Hall, with new, well deserved contract in tow, will continue to impress with his bat, but I have my worries about his move to center. He is undoubtedly athletic, but it takes time to learn to judge the tailing line drives and bullets right at you, which he will encounter with regularity. I also see the addition of Johnny Estrada and the move to a platoon in left as two pluses for this years team. Estrada is much better offensively than Miller, and the platoon will allow Jenkins and Mench to focus on their strengths, and maybe light a fire under their asses as well. Hardy is a bit of a question mark, but so far this season he has managed to at least hold his own. Pitching, for the first time in a long (and I’m talking longer than long) time is this team’s strength. The rotation could very well be one of the best, if it manages to remain healthy (I’m looking at you Sheets). The front end of the bullpen will be serviceable, and the back end will be, and has been, deadly. 7,8,9 spells Crew victory in 07. Right now, I would venture that the team will be in contention through the end of July, but I just can’t shake the idea that the injury bug will bite the team yet again this year. I look for the Crew to finish a close second to the Cardinals (that is looking like a wrong pick so far this year), with a record of 87-75. The wild card will stay in the East, there’s simply too much talent out there to contend with. I do hope I’m wrong, but next year looks promising with the arrival of Mr. Braun.

One side note. Trivia preparations are going strong. Look for Opey’s Tarboosh to be in the top 25 once more this year.

Crew Prediction of the Night:
Crew 3 Pirates 1 (7:05 CT @ Miller Park, FSN-Wisconsin)
Vargas goes 6 strong and hands it off to Wise, Turnbow, and Cordero
Hardy leaves the yard and Weeks has two hits (edit: originally had Fielder hitting the slam, but it appears he is out and Miller is in at first)


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