Posted by: Opey | April 19, 2007

Crazy Hectic Day

Today was, as noted in the title, a crazy and hectic day. But, tomorrow will be worse. Tomorrow begins the annual Worlds Largest Trivia Contest in Stevens Point, WI. I figured a quick easy post would be an outline of just what this “ritual” was and what it means to the community. The contest lasts 54 hours beginning Friday at 6pm. There are 8 questions asked each hour over the UWSP radio station WWSP. Teams then call in if they believe they have the right answer, and often times even if they don’t. Points are then awarded based on how many teams got the question right, with values ranging from 5 to 500. There are also “running questions”, “trivia stone questions”, and music questions just to complicate things further. The event began as, and continues to be, the primary fundraiser for WWSP. There are generally between 300 and 400 teams that play each year, which forces Stevens Point and the surrounding area to swell to a point where it nearly bursts at the seams. The event means more than fundraising though. People come from all around the country, and play all around the world, to be a part of this event. The sons and daughters of Stevens Point come back once more to rekindle past friendships and forge new ones. It is really one of the most unique events I have ever been a part of, and I look to be a part of it in contests to come. If you have any more interest in the contest, go to to check it out. While your there, look through the scores for Opey’s Tarboosh. We’ll be the ones in the top 25…we hope

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