Posted by: Opey | April 21, 2007

Trivia Time Fast Eddie

As I sit here, me and a cohort of 10-20 people have secluded ourselves in a basement in the Plover, WI area, surrounded ourselves with computers and various junk foods of all shapes and sizes and have pictures and books all over the room. No, we aren’t waiting for a UFO following a comet after joining a cult, at least not yet. We are doing what we do every year at this time, playing in the Worlds Largest Trivia Contest. As I mentioned before, this is a 54 hour journey we have embarked on, with no telling where the weekend will end. Currently we are somewhere in the top 50 in regards to the standings, but that will shift up and down as the weekend progresses. Several of the team members have already taken advantage of the short, reviving naps needed to endure such a long adventure, myself included. I decided a few weeks ago that this experience would be the perfect opportunity for a research project for my cultural anthropology class, and I made the right call. There is just so much superstition, ritual, and other cultural imperatives in this contest to study. It was screaming out to be studied, and I’m just the student with a severe case of senioritis to study it. The questions themselves give a look into the cultural context of American society. For instance, the last question was “In print advertising it is said to be available in all 50 states and comes in 28 flavors. What is it?” The answer, for those of you that didn’t know it off the top of your head: Exercise. We guessed Howard Johnson’s ice cream. Samsonite…we were way off. But the fun marches on, as we get another question wrong. Best be getting back to the task at hand, research, both the academic and “trivial” goals. I’ll be back


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