Posted by: Opey | April 21, 2007

We Are Over the Hill and On the Way Down…

As I type this truly intellectually stimulating post, we are over half way done with the 2007 World’s Largest Trivia Contest. It has been a rather run of the mill year, but there is still much yet to be determined. As usual, we have had some good hours and some bad, some good questions and some…well you get the picture. We appear ready to make the late charge into the dark night, however. Our team pulled the trivia equivalent of the “rope-a-dope,” resting many of our players last night and during the day today ensuring that our members were fresh and ready to forge on into the dreaded Saturday evening/Sunday morning period. That is generally when many teams take the sweet downward spiral into the halls of trivia defeats. We, however, will advance into glory (Que 300 style music, lighting and effects). I will probably be able to update all you loyal readers **Cricket Sounds**, at least 2 or 3 more times over the weekend. Until the next post, play on trivia players, play on.

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