Posted by: Opey | April 22, 2007

The average, healthy, well-adjusted adult gets up at seven-thirty in the morning feeling just plain terrible. ~Jean Kerr

Now, just replace 7:30 with 3:30am and you have set my state of mind perfectly. Here it is, another favorite around the blogging globe, a trivia update. Following a good evening and a seemingly not so good early morning trivia-wise, we sit at a healthy 28th place with a music question and many trivia times questions yet to go. In terms of mental capacity, the world of the day is “shot.” I have to actively ponder the meaning of every day words to make damn sure that they fit with what I’m trying to say. It really is a task of mental and physical endurance. For example, I tried to go out and do a run today after a total of 7 hours of sleep on the weekend, and needless to say, it didn’t go overly well. I guess that is the price you play to play the game. Again, time to entice you with an active question from the contest. Who set the Meyer’s Fieldhouse record for the high jump?…Thought it over?…Well of course, it was Jim Dilling. We had it right, the question is did you? As always if you want to keep up with all the scores and other trivia information, hop on over to the Official Trivia 38: Trivia Returns homepage at WWSP Trivia. Also, if you want to get a more frequent, and perhaps “less refined” look at the inner workings of our team and the mind of a teammate, Matt Behrens, direct your attention to this live blog . Stay tuned for my final thoughts on the contest later this evening. Until then, Happy Trivia.


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