Posted by: Opey | April 23, 2007

This Looks Like the Beginning of a Beautiful Blogship

Honey, I’m home. This move to WordPress looks like it will be a great move for this blog. All you in the audience out there will notice the visual improvements of the new blog and the improvements on my end will become evident over time. Anyways, enough about the move. On with recent history.

As promised, here is my final word on the World’s Largest Trivia Contest from this past weekend: Exhausted. Thanks folks and goodnight. That is really the best way to describe myself and most of my teammates and competitors. It is in my humble, first-hand opinion that this contest is one of the most mentally and physically taxing endeavors that one can experience. That being said, it is also a tremendously fun time, as well. The main focus of the event may be the competition to determine who has the greater knowledge of 1920s radio programs, candy print advertising, and other cultural oddities from the past 100 or so years, but the latent function of it remains fun, enjoyment, and community building. There is nothing greater for the creation/maintenance of friendships than jumping into a foxhole, or in this case basement, with one another and fighting it out against 450+ other teams for trivia immortality. The experience was also great in that I was able to study it all for an anthropological ethnography assignment on cultural rituals. If this doesn’t fit the ritual bill, I don’t know what is. People have been coming back to Stevens Point for decades just to eat copious amounts of greasy food, sleep only a handful of hours during the entire weekend, throw the rules of personal hygiene out the door, and surely kill many brain cells, just for the chance to see old friends and get the competitive juices flowing. It is truly an experience not to be missed. To find out more about this unique piece of Americana go to 90FM Trivia or this site for more details.

Quote of the Day: “Why is it trivia? People call it trivia because they know nothing and are embarrassed about it.” – Robbie Coltrane



  1. Hello —

    I live in SP and I’m a blogger. I came across your blog accidentally and thought I should say hello. 🙂

  2. Always good to meet another Point person out in the blogosphere

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