Posted by: Opey | April 24, 2007

“All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values” -Marshall McLuhan

This will be my second and last Va Tech related post. I’m a person that believes strongly in remembering/honoring victims of such incidents by detailing the incident and then respecting their privacy and moving on. In regards to that sentiment, two items these past days have irked me. The first was this AP article. It makes reference to a soldier’s anger over being overshadowed by the V-Tech related tragedy. The second and related incident was while listening to a podcast of the Tony Kornheiser Show (I highly recommend this podcast by the way) this morning. They were discussing the Sopranos episode from this past Sunday and made reference to being drawn aback by the inclusion of an Asian character in a mental institution drawing a strong resemblance, at least vaguely, to the shooter at V Tech. They then proceeded to debate the significance of airing an episode with such content so shortly after the incident. What irks me about these two items is not that they were reported, but what they stand for more broadly. Incidents such as this shooting, and others like it, are horrible inhumane acts that should be reported on in the popular press. The problem comes when they are obsessed over by the media and then in turn the populace. People are shot and killed every day both in the cities of the US, as well as the streets of Baghdad and other foreign countries, but yet we dwell on this particular incident, and in particular the life and times of the jackass shooter, for several days, to the point that has had a V-Tech related story in their “Top-5” featured stories every day this week, keeping stories regarding the SCOTUS-abortion decision and other key events in the shadows. The media is driven by profit, everyone knows that. Unfortunately, the personal history of one of the largest murderers in American history has a higher profit margin that stories more relevant to everyday life. Honor the memory of the victims and move on, just as I plan to do.

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