Posted by: Opey | April 26, 2007

Path Dependency?: Beginning of a 1L Journey

One of the themes that this blog will follow is the transition from undergraduate student to law school student. I will be attending University of Wisconsin law school this fall and have begun preparations to do so. Two weeks ago I had the chance to attend the Admitted Students Weekend event here. While there I had the opportunity to listen to insight into different ideas of how to properly make the transition. I have also done some research of my own on various websites such as One of the first things that I noticed was just how much variation in advice there was. One current law student said the best way to prepare for next year was to read up on different study and reading strategies in various books published about how to prepare during the pre-1L summer. Another student on one of the discussion boards recommended a law school prep class (many of which cost in excess of $1000). Yet another student, this one at the UW ASW, said the best idea is to just relax and put school as far out of your mind as possible. Being that there is so much variation in advice, how can one make heads or tails of what to do to prepare. The key is in the subtext. Each of these students recommended what worked for them, or what they heard worked for others. Law school is a different experience, but it is not going to Mars. Having already made a transition of similar proportions (high school to college), you already have a sense of what worked in that jump. It is a simple matter of fitting that technique to this new leap into a different world. If you feel that you need a class to prepare, and can afford it, then by all means do it. If you feel you can get away with just reading a book, fine. If you feel relaxation is the best or the philosophy of “I’m not doing a damn thing. Not reading a book, not taking a damn class. It’s all bullshit” approach, like my roommate, more power to you. The key is that you are comfortable with what you are doing and that you realize that a change is about to happen and your prepared to meet that challenge. Me, I’m set doing a little research, but focusing on relaxing and reading for pleasure, before both of those avenues reach a dead end for three, long years. If you need some places to check out information on this transition check out this blog for some links to some great information.

Quote of the Day (In regards to law school)

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so lost as I did then.” -Former Attorney General Janet Reno

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