Posted by: Opey | April 28, 2007

2 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad and It Definitely Isn’t Good

Again, it appears that Ted Thompson has hit on a third round pick. With the second of their two third round picks, Green Bay picks up Aaron Rouse S/Virgina Tech (Profile). Again, versatility appears to be the name of the game with this pick. Rouse is listed at 6-4 and 225, which would make him quite the large Strong Safety, his listed position. mentions that some teams were looking to possibly shift Rouse to a linebacker position, so that would also possibly fit the bill of one of our two areas of need, LB and S (I know LB has some depth, but I think they are one player away from being a really good unit). He appears to have some pretty good speed running a 4.31 40 on campus. Add this to the fact that many teams believe that he is overly aggressive and you have the potential for a good, young linebacker. He also is listed as having good field vision and awareness and plays with a “linebacker-like mentality”, so he could fit in as either a LB or S in the Packer’s scheme. This appears to be the Pack’s best pick of Day 1.

Now that the day is complete, it’s time for everybody’s favorite portion of the program, the grading. The Packer’s draft so far has been a story of two halves. The first two picks were misses (as much as picks can be misses before games are played). The first pick, Justin Harrell, was a waste, going with a injured player at a position that was not an urgent need for the team. The Pack could have traded down, gathered more picks, and still probably have gotten Harrell. The second pick, Brandon Jackson, was one that aimed to fill a need area, but this time Ted Thompson went again with the injury prone player that was rated below other, more impressive candidates that were still available. The trade and position were the right choices, but the player was wrong. The two third round picks were the right guys at the right time. The third round is the one to take chances, not the first and second. The versatility of Jones and Rouse give the Packers the ability to possibly address needs at various positions, as well as bolster their special teams. Overall, I give the draft so far a B-/C+.

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