Posted by: Opey | April 28, 2007

Everybody Abandon Ship. Thompson, You Get to Go Down With It.

Ok, now this is getting absolutely ridiculous. The trade that we made to move down in the second round was a great move. The talent at WR had dropped off dramatically, so there was no one to pick there. There was also a great probability of at least one of the decent RB left, plus we would pick up a third round pick that would allow us another chance to address a need at either WR or TE. But then the pick gets announced. At the 63rd overall pick, the Pack took Brandon Jackson RB/Nebraska (Profile). I’ll give you a few minutes to check out that profile link, because I doubt you really know who that is. Again, Ted misses the mark on this pick, going with someone rated below others still available at the position. With Pittman and Bush still on the board, Thompson went with Jackson, a player who only had 11 career starts, and in his career only totaled 1,431 yards and 14 touchdowns. Again, what was Ted thinking. We draft another player with injury problems who only had minimal starts in his career (Jackson had shoulder surgery in 2005 and 2006). Jackson is also a small back, not the physical back that would better fit into the system at this point. The only small positive is that Jackson appears to have the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. I’m not a big fan of what I’m about to promote, but at this point, it must be done. The Packers need to use the third rounder they acquired from the Jets to get Moss into a Green Bay jersey. WR is not a position where there is serviceable depth in the third rounds, and they need to address needs at the TE and S positions in the third and fourth rounds. This draft is well into the downward spiral part of the program, and only an unlikely savior, in the form of Randy Moss, will be able to salvage anything out of this debacle.


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