Posted by: Opey | April 28, 2007

Starting to Turn It Around

Ok, the first 3rd round pick is the first that I actually like. The Pack takes James Jones WR/San Jose St. (Profile). He’s one of those guys from a small school that seems like he has some physical upside. On top of that, versatility is his middle name. In addition to being a leading receiver on the San Jose St. team, he also threw the ball several times on option plays, ran back punts, ran the reverse well, and can even fill in as a long snapper in a pinch.  The one downside on this guy seems to be his lack of speed, but it appears that he makes up for it with his route running and hands.  This is one of those picks that can go many ways.  Jones could fit in very well as a third receiver alongside Jennings and Driver.  He also seems to show promise fielding punts and filling in doing some gunner work on punt coverage and kick coverage teams.  I really don’t know too much more about him, so I’ll withhold further judgement until he gets to camp.   This pick would seem to rule out the possibility of a Randy Moss trade, but, the more I think about it, I’m actually in favor of that.  Moss has peaked and is moving on the way down and would still only be an overpaid, third option.  Jones, while not the deep threat that Moss would be, still seems to be able to step in as a third receiver when the situation warrants.


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