Posted by: Opey | April 28, 2007

Three Words: Fire Ted Thompson

Well, one of my favorite sports days of the year just went up in flames. With the 16th overall pick, the Green Bay Packers selected Justin Harrell DT/Tenn (Profile). Three more words come to mind, “What the Hell?” Of all the positions to draft in the first round, Thompson drafts a defensive tackle. That is one our areas of strength. We had major holes/needs at running back, defensive secondary, tight end, wide receiver, and offensive line, just to name a few. There were great players out there at those positions ready to be drafted (Greg Olsen TE/Miami and Robert Meachem WR/Tenn just to name two). On top of that, the Packers could have traded down in order to get more value with their first pick and still have the chance to draft a player like Olson, possibly. Just after the Packers picked, there was a trade that would have given the packers two more picks in the mid rounds just to drop 3 spots. On top of all of that, Harrell wasn’t even the best defensive tackle left on the board. Alan Branch (DT/Michigan) was rated as a superior player according to many draft prognosticators. And just to add icing to the cake, Harrell was hurt for the vast majority of games last year with a torn bicep muscle, an injury that is notoriously hard to come back from. What a useless waste of a pick. Justin Harrell = Jamal Reynolds, enough said.

The only thing that this pick can signal is that the trade for Randy Moss is either completed of is very close to being completed. At the Packers 2nd round pick, the WR core seems pretty thin, so the Packers will have to address the RB situation there. Hopefully they will then focus on the defensive side of the ball, drafting a S to help bolster Harris and Woodson. This whole draft may go the way of the Titanic, and it appears that it’s already on the way towards that course.


  1. Oh Good Lord. Let the guy PUT ON A UNIFORM before you call the draft a disaster. What nonsense.

  2. JC, Obviously you don’t see the need for RB, WR, TE, DB, like the rest of us, we have three DT, we’re sitting on 30 million, Thompson needs to go.

  3. It’s not a question of this guy being able to play. He was a possible top pick prior to his injury. It’s more of a question of “Does this fill a need?” and the answer is no

  4. Why does Thompson try to outsmart the world with these off-the-wall picks? Daryn Colledge anyone? With so much value at other need positions in the second and third rounds, why not trade down? Denver traded up to 17 and Cleveland was desperate to get back up into the first round to get Quinn. Don’t tell me a decent deal wasn’t available to get an extra pick or two in the second or third round. He could have gotten Harrell at any pick between 16 and 32 and probably later. Thompson must GO!

  5. […] Round 2:  After trading away the 15th second round pick to the New York Jets in exchange for the 31st second rounder, the Packers raised more eyebrows by picking the Nebraska’s Brandon Jackson.  Projected as a late third-rounder, Ted Thompson chose instead to take him in the late second round.  These two picks will be scrutinized heavily, and Thompson had better hope that they turn out well, or disgruntled fans will be calling for his firing (Oh, wait, they already are). […]

  6. With Thompsen and McCarthy running the show now, we are in deep trouble. Look for the Pack to win 4, maybe five games this year. These clowns can not draft. That cut blocking scheme is for sissys and losers. Enough said!

  7. Thompson’s taking the Pack backwards. Brandon Jackson? Why trade down in round 2 out of where all the value is? If they had stayed put, Thompson could have had either Kenny Irons or Chris Henry who were BOTH rated much higher than Jackson. Let’s sum up the off-season…Frank Walker in free agency. And three really questionable picks on the first day (can’t find somebody better than James Jones?) Sheesh. I don’t know anything about the linebacker he took in the third except why the hell is he drafting linebackers when they need so much help on offense? And if he wants defense, take a corner which is a serious need. What a stupid draft strategy. What a stupid General Manager. Fire Thompson now!

  8. ESPN just announced the Randy Moss to New England trade. Another fine Thompson effort.

  9. Yeah, that was all but a logical outcome after the Jones pick. I’m really not a fan of Moss, but his addition, at the right price, would have been some help in the 3 WR sets.

  10. Why take two linebackers and a kicker with consecutive picks in the sixth? Isn’t tight end a need? Maybe another running back? I’m beginning to think the next Collective Bargaining Agreement needs to include drug testing provisions for front office types.

  11. Where is Ron Wolf when you need him? Thompson didn’t do a damn thing with the $20 plus million he had available for free agents. He is a big proponent of building through the draft. Great! The problem is the only thing he is good at picking is his nose. We needed offense and what did we get, Gilbert Brown, Jr. We could of had…Meachem, Bowe, Olsen, you name it. Thompson also loves to trade down. I guess his philosophy is quantity over quality. He’d rather pick eleven players in the hopes of blindly trying to hit on a winner than pick less players and get sure quality. Once in a while a lesser known program will develop a better player…Jerry Rice, Walter Payton. But there is a reason the big name schools like USC, Ohio State, Florida, etc, are always in the running for the national championship, they have better players. By consistently trading down we keep getting the left overs. I agree, Thompson has got to go, and he should take Mike (Spanky) McCarthy with him.

  12. Yeah, that cap room really bothers me. If they had went after some big free agents or traded up in the draft and had to use some of that pool to pay the bigger salaries, I could understand letting it sit until this weekend. But now, what do they plan on doing with it?

  13. This is the third Thompson draft. Here is his history. In a word: Yuck…

    1 24 Aaron Rodgers QB California
    2 51 Nick Collins FS Bethune-Cookman
    2 58 Terrence Murphy WR Texas A&M
    4 115 Marviel Underwood SS San Diego State
    4 125 Brady Poppinga OLB Brigham Young
    5 143 Junius Coston T North Carolina A&T
    5 167 Michael Hawkins CB Oklahoma
    6 180 Mike Montgomery DE Texas A&M
    6 195 Craig Bragg WR UCLA
    7 245 Kurt Campbell LB Albany, N.Y.
    7 246 William Whitticker G Michigan State

    1 5 A.J. Hawk OLB Ohio State
    2 47 Daryn Colledge T Boise State
    2 52 Greg Jennings WR Western Michigan
    3 67 Abdul Hodge MLB Iowa
    3 75 Jason Spitz G Louisville
    4 104 Cory Rodgers WR Texas Christian
    4 115 Will Blackmon CB Boston College
    5 148 Ingle Martin QB Furman
    5 165 Tony Moll G Nevada
    6 183 Johnny Jolly DT Texas A&M
    6 185 Tyrone Culver SS Fresno State
    7 253 Dave Tollefson DE N.W. Missouri

    1 16 Harrell, Justin DT Tennessee
    2 63 Jackson, Brandon RB Nebraska
    3 78 Jones, James WR San Jose State
    3 89 Rouse, Aaron SS Virginia Tech
    4 119 Barbre, Allen OT Missouri Southern State
    5 157 Clowney, David WR Virginia Tech
    6 191 Hall, Korey ILB Boise State
    6 192 Bishop, Desmond ILB California
    6 193 Crosby, Mason K Colorado
    7 228 Wynn, DeShawn RB Florida
    7 243 Harris, Clark TE Rutgers

  14. I completely agree with the fact that the 2005 draft was horrible. I, however, still think that it’s too early to judge how good or how bad the draft in 2006 was. The first 5 picks still have a very good chance of being major contributors, and in the end, that’s all you can really hope for realistically. In this years case, I would be that only 3 of our top five picks will be major players on the team in 3-5 years and that is unacceptable.

  15. Go to my main blog page for thoughts on the Favre situation

  16. Ya, TT has to go, he sucks big time! People talk about some of the “players” that have made the line up, well when the team sucks, its not so hard to crack the starting line up!
    The packers will regret for years not giving Brett maore weapons, Ron Wolf has gone on record to already say this!
    With a very large fan base, the sports media, and now the franchise quarterback asking to be traded (I dont blame ya Brett) for scratching there and heads and saying what the f…!
    TT has to go. Bob Harlan, you have done a good job with this team but your decisions to allow M Sherman and T Thompson be GM’s will ruin this team for years to come….
    What could have been …..

  17. When TT first came to GB I was going to give him the benifit of the doubt & see what happens. Now a couple of years later he has filled the Packers with cheap players with potential while free agents come & go as he loballs them & they go to another team. I hate to bring up New england thing again but they signed 5 starting recievers this year Kyle Brady, Moss, Washington,Stallworth, Welker anyone of those guys could have helped the Pack but TT sits & watches saying we are ok. Also D. Jackson going to the 49ers for a draft pick. Those are just a few examples it is almost like if TT keeps the Packers 20million or so under the salary cap he gets to take home what isn’t used. It reminds me of the Bengals in the 90’s 10-20 million under the cap & finishing dead last almost every year. Thanks for nothing TT the only reason people are going to care this year is because Favre will break most of Marino’s records this year good luck after Favre retires.

    Fire TT

    At least the Brewers are winning

  18. […] had to offer analysis on each pick from there. They have been my best posts so far. Here they are (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3(a), Round 3(b), Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7(a), Round […]

  19. The actual Packers fans do not need people who openly hate the Packers, such as the people who sponsor websites supporting the firing of successful GMs like Thompson.

    If you’re going to openly cheer against the Packers just so you can feel you’re superior to Thompson, go back and nestle in the arms of your fellow Bears and Vikings fans.

  20. I have heard that Ted Thompson pushed Brett Favre out the door…anyone know anything about this rumor?

  21. Hey Jeff – Yes, I think Ted Thompson forced Brett Favre out. I totally think Ted Thompson wanted his own people there and wanted to get Brett Favre out the door. I am totally disappointed with Ted Thompson. I still have hope Brett Favre comes back – whether that is another team or not – I just hope he comes back. Brett Favre was just awesome watching and it was great time and fun for all. I blame Ted – Ted Thompson –

  22. Is there any question that Thompson must go now? Who in their right mind would have let Brett go to the Jets? I agree that it would have been a pretty s@!#ty thing to do to Aaron Rodgers, but as the Jets knew when they sent Pennington packing, its a business. Its Brett Favre, for Gods sake ! What in the hell was Thompson thinking?

  23. I think Ted Thompson is trying to: (1. get rid of anyone with a high salary, so he can look like a first-rate bean counter, which apparently impresses someone who matters to him (but NOT to me!); and (2. cast a team in his own image, much like God, albeit in Thompson’s case, it will be more like a demented bean counter accountant. The problem is, who will PAY to watch a bunch of demented bean counter get beaten senseless? I think he not only needs to go, after the antics from June to August 8th or so of 2008, he needs to be canned for gross misconduct and just plain stupid incompetence.

  24. Fire Ted Thompson, I chanted that phrase more than one time over the past few months (years actually). However, when I put aside the gross, pathetic and unforgivable way he treated one of the greatest icons the NFL, and more so the Green Bay Packers, has ever seen, Ted is doing a pretty good job (that hurt to say).

    Seriously, remove the issue of how Ted has treated Brett and be honest with his performance. He has made a Super Bowl ready team with a bunch of no-names. He has put in a head coach that uses a scheme that is easily picked up by the players and is very effective in moving the ball and scoring. All in all, he is doing a lot of good things. I still want to fry him for how he treated Brett.

    The 2008 season will be the tell tale of whether Ted knows what he is doing or was being carried by the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and Ted wasnt smart enough to realize it. I still love the Packers, I always will. With that, I hope Teds success is based on himself, not Brett.

    I will miss Brett. 4 Forever!

    And for the record, I think #12 can do the job well, lets not forget how Brett started in GB when he first came. How many of you remember chearing when he threw it out of bounds when he got in trouble?

    thanks for letting me ramble.

  25. Its fun to go back and read your post. Lets recap how things have gone for Justin Harrell… he’s on his 2nd surgery and has basically played junk time in his first two years. The good (bad) news is that with the switch to 3-4, he is our premier defensive end. Yikes!

    More here:

    Oh Randy Moss had one of the most incredible seasons ever by a receiver after Thompson passed on him

  26. ted thomson is # 1 in green Bay with brett gone . he could”nt stand living in bretts shadow. lets face it anybody blaming brett for what happen is dead wrong . when he came to green bay he was told not to go down in the locker room or on the practice field to see any of the team. shortly after he was traded to the jets. this is the way you treat a man who helped put the Packers in contention for the super bowl every year. FIRE TED!!!!!

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