Posted by: Opey | April 29, 2007

Speed is the name of the 5th round pick

Again, the picks are getting better as the draft rounds get later. The Pack selected David Clowney WR/Virginia Tech (Profile). This pick makes a lot of sense when coupled with the Jones pick in the 3rd round. Green Bay needed a deep, speed guy in order to clear up the field and give Favre a threat down the field. Jones didn’t quite fit the bill, but it sounds like Clowney is more along the lines of a true deep threat. The major knock on him is that he is not the greatest physically. He doesn’t have the separation power or the physicality to battle with the more physical CB at the NFL level, but that can be adjusted by good coaching. It’s much harder to teach pure speed and with this guys numbers (a sub-4.4 40 time), it looks like he has the natural talent and speed in order to be an adequate weapon for Favre’s deep ball.

I still wonder what is the situation with the TE position. My choice at that position, Ben Patrick TE/Delaware (Profile) was still available at the last pick and it appears that the TE rush is on with two going in the last ten picks.  The only thing I can gather from going with Clowney over a TE is that they are going to use a 6th o 7th round pick on a project TE from either a non-division I school or one of the smaller names from a bigger team.  This need does need to be addressed, but the WR pick was not out of the question at this point in the game.

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