Posted by: Opey | April 29, 2007

Thompson Comes Through in the End, Earns a B

Finally, a TE goes for the Pack with their last pick. Clark Harris TE/Rutgers (Profile) was the Packers final pick in the 2007 Draft. It took them long enough but they finally addressed a need with the best player that was available at the time. It sounds like Harris has a frame that will allow him to put on weight and muscle that will help out when he needs to block in the NFC North. It sounds like he is not a speedy guy, but he should have the recognition ability to find holes in zone coverage schemes. Not a bad pick for the their last pick in the draft.

Well, time for an overall grade. As I previously mentioned, I gave the Pack a B-/C+ for their day 1 selections. With that in mind, it’s time to add on the second day. The first pick, Barbre was the Pack’s best pick of the weekend, in my opinion. He is regarded as one of the most athletic linemen in the draft and will be a good fit for the zone blocking scheme. The next pick Clowney was the pick Favre had been waiting for. A deep threat that allows him to throw down the field. He will need some bulking up, but so will everyone. The three picks taken in the 6th round all had some value. Hall sounds like he’ll get a chance at FB, so that’s a plug to fill that hole. Bishop sounds like he was underrated and will be able to battle for a roster spot and I’m not opposed to taking a flyer on a kicker in the 6th round, especially the best one in the draft. The first 7th round pick raises some eyebrows. He sounds like a character problem, but he at least adds some RB depth. Then Thompson finally comes up with a TE, but it might have been a bit late to get anybody who will actually contribute. Overall, you cannot waste your first two picks on two injury prone players, one of which who is at a position that we have some depth already. I give Thompson and the Pack a B overall. It could have been much better, but the first two picks held the team back.


  1. […] The whole rash of visitors to my blog began on two fateful days in April this year. I sat down during the NFL draft and decided that I would offer my reactions to the first round pick of the Packers and that would be the end of it. While I posted my thoughts and then checked my stats after an hour. Little did I know that my post had been linked to on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. From there, I knew I had to offer analysis on each pick from there. They have been my best posts so far. Here they are (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3(a), Round 3(b), Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7(a), Round 7(b)) […]

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