Posted by: Opey | April 29, 2007

Three in a Row: Pack Goes with 2 LB and a K

The Pack threw a curveball with their three consecutive picks. They picked Korey Hall ILB/Boise State (Profile), Desmond Bishop ILB/Cal (Profile), and Mason Crosby K/Colorado (Profile). Hall is an unknown. He isn’t even listed on, so I’m forced to withhold judgement, but if he’s not listed, it’s generally not a good thing. Desmond Bishop helps to serve the need at ILB that I mentioned earlier. He is apparently a physical run stuffer, so that will be a great addition. The only question this raises is what happens with Rouse now. This would lead me to believe that he will stay at S, and it sounds like he has some major work to do to be able to perform at that position at the next level. The kicker selection is a tremendous value pick. Crosby was listed by many as one of, if not the, best kickers on the board this weekend. With the extra 6th round pick that we were able to get through trades, why not go with a kicker with a tremendous leg. Again, though, where is the TE pick? Ben Patrick is sitting out there waiting to be plucked out of the pool. Other teams have passed on him, so maybe there is something I don’t know. If they don’t take a TE in the 7th, it will be a major disappointment. Where was this great picking strategy yesterday in rounds 1 and 2? This draft has really turned around. Too bad it appears we missed with the best two picks that we had

Edit: It sounds like Hall is a brusing player who is out of position at LB.  The Pack has plans to move him to FB, which sounds like a solid move.

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