Posted by: Opey | April 29, 2007

Where Was the TE Pick?

I don’t have a major problem with the 4th round pick, except there was a better option out there, picking a TE. Green Bay took Allen Barbre OL/Missouri Southern State (Profile). The upside with this pick is that he is listed as being a T/G guy, with the quickness to play guard and the ability to put on size to play NFL tackle.  In a zone blocking scheme, you need to have linemen who have the quickness off the ball in order to get to your man and then on to the second level to be effective.  This guy does sound like he is not the best student of the game, so it may be quite a while before he is able to pay many dividends for the team, but I’ve never opposed to the Packers taking an offensive lineman on the second day of the draft.  There was a position that should have been addressed here though.  There are still a few TEs out there that could help bolster a rather week position.  Hopefully that will be the Pack’s move in the fifth round, where diamonds in the rough can be found.

On a side note, the Randy Moss deal fell though.  The interesting part about it was the terms of the deal.  New England sent the Raiders a 4th round pick for Moss’ services.  From all reports, this was also what Thompson was supposedly offering as well.  So the question is, just how hard were the Packers trying to get Moss.  The picks were at about the same level, so obviously there were other factors at play in this story.


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