Posted by: Opey | April 30, 2007

DDR vs. PE

After the blogging marathon that I “ran” over the weekend, I’m more than a bit burnt out. That being said, the blog must go on and I have the perfect story to gripe about. In some states, in this case West Virginia , traditional gym classes are being replaced by new age methods of physical education, such as the video game Dance Dance Revolution.  Did I miss the day the world went to Hell in a hand basket?  I understand that you can supposedly burn calories by playing that stupid game, but there is more to gym class then just dropping some pounds and getting kids in shape.  Gym was a time where you emphasized team sports and social behavior.  Kids learned about sports, but more importantly, they learned how to work as a team towards a common end.  You interacted with other kids, not a damn video game controller and a television screen.  I can understand that school officials are trying anything to improve the overall health of children, but what cost, in terms of loss of social behavior, is worth kids dropping a few pounds?  If anything, this just opens up the door to more and more video game playing, that will just exacerbate the obesity epidemic and the move of children away from social behavior.


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