Posted by: Opey | May 2, 2007

Crew Week in Review: April 25 – May 2

Is it so wrong to love a major league baseball team.  Because if it is, I don’t want to be right.  Let’s all revel in the moment for a while.  The Brewers are in first place in the NL Central and have the best record in the majors, yes the whole entire majors.  They Crew went 5-2 over the past seven games and have two fairly weak teams coming to Miller Park for the rest of the homestand in the form of the Pirates and the Nationals (apparently they haven’t been contracted in mid-season…yet).  There really is no need to make a list of positives and negatives like last week, because frankly, there are no negatives worth mentioning.  Bill Hall’s defense has turned around and shown progress, the bullpen has been stellar all around, and Ned Yost hasn’t killed himself while on a jog yet.  The positives just keep getting better, too.  The young nucleus has just continued to rip the ball, the strikeouts are still down, the team is a wall defensively, and what more can you say about our starting pitching besides “Wow.”  The team players of the month were JJ Hardy and Jeff Suppan, and you’ll get no arguments from me regarding those choices.  No one say JJ Hardy coming.  He has been on a tear, and, even though he will return to the ground sooner or later (even I, one of his biggest fans thinks that), he still looks to be much improved.  In addition, I didn’t know that $40 million contracts actually saw returns until I saw Jeff Suppan.  He has far exceeded my expectations, both in his play and his leadership.  We have to finish strong on this homestand, and then have another winning road trip to solidify our spot as a “team of destiny.”

Thursday Game: Pirates @ Brewers, 7:05 CT, FSN/WTMJ

  • Starting Pitchers:  Tom Gorzelanny (Pit), Dave Bush (Mil)
  • Final Score: Pirates 2 Brewers 5
  • JJ Hardy continues to rake, coming up with a double and a single.  Mench goes yard against the left, and Weeks gets on base twice.
  • Bush goes 7, and Turnbow and Cordero finish the job

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