Posted by: Opey | May 9, 2007

Crew Week in Review: May 3 – May 9

Words cannot describe this team right now. But I must do my best to adequately portray greatness with the mere ramblings of an unworthy fan. The Crew went 6-1 over the past week, earning a sweep over the much maligned Washington Nationals and beating up on the Pirates. The Brewers are now 25-10 and are 7 games ahead of the second place Cubs. That 7 game mark is a franchise record. For once, we are breaking records that don’t involve someone striking out or giving up multiple homeruns in an inning. We have also been garnering unprecedented amounts of press from sources such as “Around the Horn”, “Baseball Tonight,” and all the major sports websites such as CNN/Sports Illustrated and CBS Sportsline. All that glorious praise being said, this week is where the rubber meets the road. The Brewers start a tough road stretch against the East, playing the Mets and then the Phillies. This weekend is when we will see just how far we’ve come when we walk into Shea Stadium and do battle with some actual competition for the first time in over a week. My MVB (Most Valuable Brewer) this week, and it was a tight race with JJ Hardy and Prince Fielder close on his heals, goes to Fransico Coredero, who earned his 6th straight save today, pitching in 6 straight games. Enjoy the well deserved day off CoCo.

Next Game: Brewers @ Mets Fri. 6:10 CT

  • Jeff Suppan vs Jorge Sosa
  • Predictions:
    • Hardy starts a new hit streak with two hits
    • Menchkins goes 2 for 4 with a double
    • Suppan manages 6 strong innings with 4 Ks
    • Brewers 6 Mets 2

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