Posted by: Opey | May 10, 2007

Every College Student’s Least Favorite Time of the Year

The time of reckoning has come for most college students.  The time where hours, if not whole days, are spent slaving away over a desk studying material from the entire semester just to take one comprehensive exam that will determine a large portion of their grade.  I speak of finals time.  We all just take this particular segment of the school calender much like we look at death and taxes, an inevitability.  But, what do finals actually achieve.  To me, a comprehensive exam at the end of a class that represents a large chunk of the final grade for that class seems a bit out of touch.  It seems to punish those who have done well over the course of the year and mess up on one exam, while benefiting those who get lucky on one exam.  I have no real qualms with exams that are slotted in the “finals time” but are only another midterm exam, or finals that are not too heavily weighted in terms of the final grade.  In those circumstances, there is really not an aspect of “skewing” that could result of luck one way or another.  Final exams can possibly be able to test a students knowledge that they have gained over the course of the class or, more likely, it can simply test a students ability to retain knowledge in the short term that they crammed in the days or nights before.  But, this may all just be the rant of a student gearing up for another long week of one exam after another…


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