Posted by: Opey | May 11, 2007

Sport Killings?? What Has the World Come To

Usually, a title such as “What Has the World Come To” could be a precursor to a multitude of subjects ranging from war, to politics, to the crazy antics of celebrities and the masses that follow their every blink. Today, however, there is a truly disturbing subject behind such a title. In a recent article on CNN, they reported that “teen ‘sport killings’ of homeless people are on the rise.” What?!? When did this “fad” even start. When did it start to become fashionable to get together with a group of your teenage buddies, drive around town smoking and drinking, and then essentially hunt down a homeless person and beat the life out of them? Talk about the downfall of Western Civilization as we know it. “A National Coalition for the Homeless report says last year, there were 122 attacks and 20 murders against the homeless, the most attacks in nearly a decade.” I may be naive or just young, but I never heard of such incidents in the past. When I was that age, the worst we would do would be to toilet paper a house or, at worst, put shaving cream or crisco on someones car. When did savage beatings become the new trend? And now, it’s actually getting worse. Just this week, a 10 year old boy was convicted of beating and stoning a homeless Army veteran to the point where he required reconstructive surgery.  “Criminologists call these wilding sprees “sport killing,” — largely middle-class teens, with no criminal records, assaulting the homeless with bats, golf clubs, paintball guns.”  Many kids and their “defenders” try to mitigate their actions by blaming the “mob mentality,” but something had to trigger such an act.  Whether it is drugs, lax parenting, or the old favorite, violence in video games and on T.V., something needs to be done about this truly horrible trend.


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