Posted by: Opey | May 12, 2007

And Opey’s Around the Bend and Coming Down the Home Stretch…

Due to the copious amounts of reading, studying and typing I’ve done in the past few days, I literally have no opinions about anything. My mind is simply filled with the thoughts of professors, teaching assistants, and the great minds from the fields of globalization, cultural anthropology, history, and atmospheric sciences. In that regard, I have only a few things today. For one, if you live in WI, go out and enjoy the great weather that we are having today and this weekend. Spring/Summer has officially came to the frozen tundra. Secondly, make sure to check out the Brewers game today. It is on WMLW/FSN at 12:1o pm CT. It involves two of the best teams in the NL, in the form of the Crew and the Mets. In addition, Ben Sheets will be on the mound and that is always exciting. Make sure to check out this link for some great in-game-thread commentary. In fact make sure to check out all the Brewer’s links on my sidebar for some great thoughts and insight about a great team. One last item today. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, so make sure to at least give your mother a call. That is all for now. The posts for the rest of this week will be of a similar lax quality due to finals and graduation. I’ll make sure to bring back the fire in a week.

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