Posted by: Opey | May 13, 2007

Favre’s Trade Request = Final Nail in Ted Thompson Coffin?

In a report by Jay Glazer for Fox Sports, it has been reported that shortly after the draft this year, Brett Favre requested to be traded. I’ll give you a few moments to collect yourselves. (One, Two, Three) OK, now that the shock is over, I truly doubt anything will come of this in regards to Favre leaving the team.  For one, I’m not overly confident that he could get the type of compensation he would want from another team, and two, it appears that he has cooled down considerably.  So, what does this story boil down to?  In my estimates, this request was nothing more than a public bashing of the job Ted Thompson has done over the past year in terms of improving the team.  Favre listed the fact that the Moss deal did not go through as one of his major complaints, but I would imagine the lack of any other free agent activity and not selecting an offensive weapon with the first pick were also heavily on his mind.  The team has done nothing to truly improve the side of the ball that needs it most.  If anything, the team has taken a large step backward offensively.  We lost Ahman Green and picked up an unproven underclassman out of Nebraska.  This wouldn’t exactly create confidence in my eyes if I was Favre.  Brett is not known to be outspoken in these types of matters, unless something needs to be said, such as in the Javon Walker situation.  This signals to me that the team has lost much of its respect for management, and coupled with the hatred of the Ted Thompson administration that is growing in Cheesehead Nation, I would imagine Ted may be getting a swift kick out the door sooner than many would imagine.



  1. Thompson has to go… This is enough garbage, when Favre speaks we listen. Bye bye TT.

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