Posted by: Opey | May 14, 2007

PC Gone to Far

In a sign of the growing influence of political correctness in American society today, members of the Latino community have voiced dissatisfaction over an planned WWII movie where their contributions are overlooked (Link). Now, I obviously have not seen the movie, but I have read a few articles and reviews about it and I think things are getting to the point of being overblown. There appears to be no derogatory nature behind the absence of Latinos, it was an omission. Now, I fully believe that we need to honor and remember everyone’s contribution in American service, whether in the military or civilian life, but at what point do we draw the line in terms of “politically correct accuracy”? Do we need to have the exact numbers/proportions of every ethnic groups soldiers/sailors/marines in every scene, battle, and platoon? Do we need to produce special documentaries on the contributions of Polish-American soldiers, Irish-American sailors, or other ethnic/racial groups that do not receive specific mention or identification in these documentaries. If anything, by not being directly included in this movie, the Latino community has been given a better position from which to discuss the impacts of Latino/Chicano contributions to American society, and how they have been overlooked. It is within the scope of poetic license and artistic freedoms that a producer or director can shape a film the way s/he sees fit.


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