Posted by: Opey | May 27, 2007

High School Graduation: Just Another Day?

Today I was back home to attend my brother’s high school graduation.  Endure may be a more appropriate term, as the ceremony was over 2 hours long with the spectators sitting on bleachers.  The speaker was Rep. Dave Obey (D) and he took full opportunity to give a stump speech.  He hit every main campaign issue and made a point to mention 9/11 seven times, yes I counted.  But that is not the main point of this post.  As the valedictorians were read off and I was told stories about my classmates and their future plans, it seemed like the vast majority were destined for college or some other post-high school institution.  It made me start to wonder, ‘Is high school graduation that big of a deal any more?’  I fully understand that there are students who will enter the real world after high school and get a job, and for them, this could be quite an accomplishment and a great day to celebrate.  For others, who will go on to more graduations and achievements, and with grade inflation making it near impossible to actually flunk out of high school, is the accomplishment so extraordinary?  It seems to be nothing more than a rite of passage, and more and more its status is in decline.  I am a believer in only celebrating the most important of events in ones life, and that is why I didn’t do much for my undergraduate graduation and went on to work the next day, because this is not the end of the line for me.  I guess it comes down to everyone’s own opinion, but to me, it seems that high school graduation is just not so much of a momentous event as it once was.

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