Posted by: Opey | May 28, 2007

Onwards to Law School

The fact that I am about to enter law school has finally began to set in. Just the other day, while at work, I was described as “the grad student that works here.” To be honest, that really struck me. Everyone that has ever met me and talked with me for longer than 5 minutes will be able to tell you that going to law school has been my goal since the 5th and 6th grades, and that is absolutely not an exaggeration. There has been only one career path for me since then, and circumstances are starting to align towards that path. It is really a very strange experience, the shift from undergraduate study to law school. I have the opportunity to draw direct parallels to my experience with the experiences of someone making the jump from high school to college, my younger brother. Everyone says that leaving high school for college is one of the most jarring changes, but I believe it is equally rivaled by pursuing graduate study. From what I have read, experienced and heard, the ways of thinking needed to succeed in undergrad and law school are quite different than that of the previous level. Where the two paths differ, though, is that high school is designed to prepare you for the college experience. Many undergraduate programs and institutions do not provide an excellent look into graduate study, law school or otherwise. Hopefully, though, by preparing and researching how to properly think in a “legal fashion,” the transformation from undergrad to 1L will be as smooth as possible. I hope to note all my trials and challenges on this blog as a sort of primer for future 0Ls, so now that the law school reality has set in, be on the lookout for some 0L to 1L info. If you want some quick fixes regarding law school, be sure to visit, a great site for law school admissions statistics and information, and, a forum for current and future law school students to discuss anything and everything.

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