Posted by: Opey | June 3, 2007

What is that Crazy Bush up to Now

Many who know me well know that I am a person interested in politics, but I really don’t have a political affiliation.  I’m what many would consider an “issue voter,” in that I have no party loyalty, and instead, I vote on the issues that matter to me and I don’t often partake in the partisan bickering and analysis that many political junkies enjoy.  That being said, I tend to lean slightly towards the conservative/libertarian perspective.  Nevertheless, I have been rather taken aback by the last term of President Bush, but now he has pulled a bit of a 180 in the lame duck period of his final term.  He has recently set forth a package of new policies that make many from both sides of the aisle scratch their heads.  To name a few, he has called for sanctions on Sudan over the Darfur situation, proposed a new initiative for global warming and CO2 control, nominated a World Bank president with bipartisan support, and even has begun preparations for a summit that could lead to the doubling of AIDS funding for African nations.  This seems to be a rather strange move from the president that has been widely known by a single issue: the Iraq war.  Many look at these new ideas/policies and ask, ‘Why now?  Why at the end of his presidency?’  Some pundits will undoubtedly express the belief that this move is an attempt to salvage what many consider to be the worst presidency in a long time.  They will say it is an attempt to save face.  I believe that it’s more than that.  It is no secret that the republican party is in the midst of a transformation and is under attack from all sides.  The conservative base believes their beliefs are being forgotten and the moderate and liberal portion of society is vehemently opposed to the war and other Bush policies.  Those attacks can be seen in the preliminary polls for presidential candidates.  Democratic candidates seem to be winning on all fronts.  These new policies by Bush, I believe, are an attempt to whitewash his poor performance in office in hopes of boosting the GOP.  It is no surprise that the American voting populace has a short attention span and memory.  This move seems to be one designed by Republican strategists in an attempt to give themselves a more favorable shot at the presidency in ’08, even if many of these policies will never come to fruition.


  1. You sound reasonable and logical. Nice relief, especially regarding politics.

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