Posted by: Opey | June 4, 2007

Sopranos Going Out With a Bang

One of the great television series of the past several years will come to an end next Sunday. At 9pm central nest Sunday, the Sopranos will end a truly ground-breaking run. The show led the way in many facets, from being one of the first, great original series on premium cable channels, to being a show that pushed the envelope in terms of violence and other forms of subject matter that is generally frowned upon by mainstream networks and even many cable channels. With that in mind, shows ranging from Entourage to The Shield all must give credit to The Sopranos for their existence and ability to flourish. Last night was the second to last episode of the series and it culminated with the height of a crescendo that had been building for the last several episodes. ***SPOILERS*** Tony’s brother-in-law was shot and killed, Sil was shot and is not expected to recover, and the NJ mob attempted to take out Phil, but mistakenly shot another person. Tony, Paulie and a few other members of the NJ mob then scurried around and ended the episode holed up in a small house, waiting for the inevitable. The final scene featured Tony holding his AR-15 that he got for his birthday from Bobby. Now, with many shows, the finale would be able to be fleshed out from past events, clues in the second to last episode, or the preview of the final episode. With The Sopranos, I just can’t tell. There was only one phrase contained in the preview, something to the effect of “No more hiding.” This would lead me to believe that the NJ mob will attempt a major retaliation. All signs point to a major gun battle, but with this show, anything and everything is possible. It could very well end in some peaceful fashion, or Tony could turn himself in to save himself. Who knows. That is yet another great aspect of this show. It does not come out and say what it means, instead it gives clues and inferences and relies on the audience to draw their own conclusions, like any good story should. I strongly recommend watching the series finale Sunday on HBO at 8pm CT. If you’ve watched all along, you need to see the end to have the loose ends wrapped up and if your new to the show, the ending could very well feature some great action to satisfy any TV viewer.


  1. It was a great episode! About time its been kinda slow! I hope Phil DIES!
    Rambling Jenn

  2. It was a truly great piece of American television, especially in the era of all the damn reality shows. It is refreshing to get some great writing. I would have agreed about wanting Phil to die until I thought about the episode more. There was a real distinction drawn between how the two mobs were run. The NY mob seemed professional and efficient, while the NJ was sloppy and mistake-riddled. I think that the violence will continue towards the NJ mob, with very little effective retaliation by Tony. Phil is one of those great love-to-hate type characters and he needs to be around to the end so that we can continue to hate him after the end of the show.

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