Posted by: Opey | June 7, 2007

Enough is Enough, Deport Paris Hilton

OK, I generally have a policy of only writing one post a day, because I must actually try to get some work done. But when something really pisses me off, I must “vent.” It made national news these past days that Paris Hilton, the no-talent “celebutante”, had entered jail as part of conditions of violation of her probation. Well, now it comes out that she has been released from jail.  What is the world coming to?  I have to admit that at first, I thought the idea of a long jail term was a bit ludicrous in this case.  For one, it seemed a bit heavy for the type and manner of her probation violation.  Secondly, it would just be used, as it was and is, as a publicity stunt.  I have a major problem with celebrities and others using crime and punishment to establish and maintain notoriety.  But, if the sentence is handed out, it must be followed.  Well, then the sentence was reduced/scheduled to be reduced due to jail overcrowding and good behavior.  And now, they have just let her out all together (she must remain under house arrest for 40 days).  This is completely against everything the United States justice system stands for.  Sources have noted that “health concerns”, Hilton refusing to eat the prison food, was at the heart of the release.  Well, tough.  I consider it a hunger strike.  So are you telling me that anyone in jail could be released if they just started to refuse to eat??  What a joke.  This just acts as proof that the judicial/justice system is heavily in favor of those with high status and deep pockets.  Where is the punishment when Paris is sitting in what I’m sure is her lavish mansion/penthouse/whatever and others who have committed similar violations are sitting in an 8×8 cell?  She basically was given a free publicity stunt by the city/county of Los Angeles.  During the past few days, Tony Kornheiser, on his radio show, has jokingly said that Paris Hilton should be deported.  If there is a country who will take her, then I say let’s do it.  She provides nothing of value to society.  In fact she is a detriment to everyone.  She is no more than a drain.  Put her back in jail where she belongs, stop covering and detailing her every movement, and then boot her from the country in whatever way possible.


  1. “This is completely against everything the United States justice system stands for.” LOL…..What justice system?

  2. Touché

  3. Oh yeah, she’s a no-talent bimbo for sure. For a bit of Paris humor, I wrote a fun post on my blog about Paris Hilton…stop by and check it out:

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