Posted by: Opey | June 7, 2007


Two television-related posts in a week, wow I need to get outside more. It appears that the powers that be over at CBS have come to their senses (maybe) and have decided to reconsider their decision to cancel the drama, “Jericho.” For those who have never heard of the show, it details the lives of a small Kansas farm town following a major nuclear terrorist attack on several major US cities, such as Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. It was one of my favorite shows in what was a rather weak crop of new shows in the fall of its premier, and it managed to draw my interest in further following a prolapsed absence during the NCAA tournament. CBS, citing lax ratings, decided to cancel the show, along with much of their freshman series, except for Shark. A dedicated group of fans took up the cause to try to bring Jericho back by sending CBS 25 tons of peanuts.  This was a rather ingenious attempt at showing the fans dedication to the show, because the peanuts refer to the last line of the season finale this year, where lead character Jake, yells out to a charging army from another town, “Nuts!”  This is a reference to what an American General said at the Battle of the Buldge when he was asked to surrender by German soldiers.  This was no simple plea to bring back a show, this was a show of dedication to the series.  CBS has to realize that this show needs time to build up a fan base.  It was just about there, it just needed another season.  In addition, the landscape of television is changing.  With Tivos and online streaming, demographics and ratings have shifted into a much more grey area.  They are now harder to measure accurately.  What is now needed to prop up a show, in my opinion, is a dedicated base of fans, the type of fans that would send thousands of pounds of peanuts to a television network.  Jericho needs to be on the television landscape.  Its ingenious storylines dealt with complex topics such as terrorism, loyalty, politics, and others in an in depth and thought provoking, yet very entertaining, way.  Again, like the Sopranos, this series offered an original premise that really hadn’t been touched by television writers in the past.  Thankfully, it also was a diversion from the reality TV that clogs channels much like plaque in an artery.  There’s really only one last thing to say, “Nuts.”

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