Posted by: Opey | June 8, 2007

It’s a PC, Sue Happy World

Yesterday was set up to be the apocalyptic storm of the century in WI.  For the last few days, we were bombarded with predictions of tremendously high winds, torrential downpours, frequent lightning, and a series of tornadoes in the fashion of Night of the Twisters.  All of this lead to the closing early, or closing outright, of schools around central and southern WI.  As the day went on yesterday, I watched the radar like a kid on Christmas morning because who doesn’t like a good Summer thunderstorm?  Well as I watched, the storms slowed and/or failed to fully develop.  5 tornadoes did touch down in WI, mainly in the central WI area, but they caused only minor damage and no lose of life.  In hindsight, was it necessary to cancel schools and events so early?  Yesterday, while in Madison, I could have went out and gotten a tan at 5pm.  I contacted some people I know in the Point area at around 6 and they said it had rained, but the end of the Earth was not on the horizon.  The sad fact of this situation is that in the past few years there have been situations, like the school in Southern Alabama that was destroyed by an unexpected tornado, that has risen the awareness of officials to the potential for damage and law suits.  Here at UW, the administration even went so far as to send out an email that said everyone should be off campus by 4pm or expect to possibly have to spend the night in a campus building.  This message was sent at a time where no warnings were issued and storm tracking showed the storms were not going to reach the Madison area until after 5pm.  We need to start moving back to a time where common sense prevailed, where the mere threat of something bad happening was not enough to begin a panic.

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