Posted by: Opey | June 10, 2007

Today is Tony’s Day

What else would I possibly write about today of all days?  As you should know, and should be eagerly anticipating, The Sopranos fades to black this evening on HBO at 8pm CT.  You should watch it.  If you have never seen an episode, tonight’s episode promises to be an action packed, thought provoking display of television perfection.  On top of that, everyone at the office will be talking about it tomorrow.  Do you really want to be left out?  There are even betting sites taking wagers on who will die and when, so go ahead, make some cash.  For those of us that have been following the show for years, the time has come where some of our questions will finally be answered.  One hour of time is not enough to fully answer all of the story lines that have been left untied.  We will not be able to answer the questions about some of the ancillary characters, but it is better that way.  I prefer to be left wondering, if for no other reason than it leaves open the door for future episodes or a movie.  Now it’s time for predictions.  I believe that Tony will not die.  The writers of this show have used Tony as a personification of a moral, that crime doesn’t always pay in the end.  That message hits harder if he is left alive and penniless than if he were to die in a hail of bullets.  I think the FBI will play at least some role in the final episode because they have been waiting in the wings for several weeks.  There may even be a return of the terrorists, with an innocent member of the Soprano family, probably Meadow, being killed.  Paulie will probably see his demise, as will Phil.  I see a large role for AJ, but I’m torn between him turning in Tony and him taking a shot at Tony, but failing miserably.  Either way, we will all know the story of the NJ mob in a few short hours.  Feel free to leave your predictions in the comments sections.

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