Posted by: Opey | June 14, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 1

I’m experimenting with a new weekly feature here at your number 1 source for all that flows forth from my mind.  It’s time to introduce “Enough is Enough Thursdays”.  Here’s the skinny.  As mentioned at great length, I have opinions about everything, and generally these views are rather strong and direct.  So I figured that each Thursday, barring some major event/happening, I would list off the stories, news tidbits and other stuff, known collectively as BS, that I would like to see leave the face of the planet never to darken my day again.  Again, this is an experiment, so let me know what you think.  Also, feel free to post your own ideas as to what you’ve had enough of the past week.  Hell, we can form our own weekly venting board.  OK, so here goes.  Firstly, there has to be Paris Hilton in all forms.  I don’t want to hear about how she found God or how she called Barbara Walters from jail or any of it.  Leave it off the media and let only the entertainment blogs deal with it.  There are other new items out there (War, politics/government, economy, etc) that are much more important to our daily lives.  I don’t want television networks to put her on the air.  She cannot act, sign, or even hold a thought for longer than a few seconds.  Secondly, stop the election 2008 snowball.  We have had several debates already and by the time I or many other people vote, we’ll have forgotten what was said in them.  I checked my Tivo this morning and I saw 1-year-olds debating over corporate taxes in anticipation of the 2044 election.  I hear the one with the advanced motor skill has a narrow lead.  Along those lines, stop playing primary leap frog.  This is one of the reasons we are getting debates months before the election.  Set up a rotating system.  Allow the traditional locations go first (Iowa then N Hampshire) and then have each region rotate their primaries every four years behind those two states (Thanks to Barbash for the idea).  Finally for the inaugural run of “Enough is Enough Thursday”, my last nerve has been destroyed by Ned Yost and his rotating lineups.  Baseball players are creatures of habit, even Ryan Braun agrees.  They need routine in order to settle in and perform at their best.  In that regard a few rules for Nedly to follow: 1) Hart bats leadoff at least until Weeks gets off the DL, then re-evaluate 2) Never put Counsell and Graffinino both in the same line up.  Pick only one unless a dire situation arises  3) Bat Johnny Estrada no higher that 6th.  His bat is not good enough to warrant a higher spot in this young, talented lineup.  He fits better in the back end of the line up where he can use his average and his tendency to swing at everything won’t hurt as much.  That’s it.  Beyond that Ned can make up his own lineup, but stick with it longer than a game or two.

Well there you have it, history in the making.  Hopefully my venting and griping have struck a common chord with some of you out there (enter sound of crickets).  Again, please feel free to post your own “Enough is Enough” topics.  Maybe I’ll get a post idea out of them.

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