Posted by: Opey | June 21, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 2

It’s that time of the week again.  Time for me to spout off about the things that have annoyed me to the point of complaining about them on my blog.  To be honest, it’s been a rather easy going week.  Maybe it’s the Brewer’s winning streaks or the better weather or whatever, but there wasn’t much that really got me to a boiling point.  Be that as it may, there is always something eating away at my very core, so here goes.  Firstly, I know that WI only has two seasons: Winter and Construction.  Anyone who has lived here for any length of time can tell you that this adage is absolutely on mark.  I really do not have a problem with construction if it is both necessary and as unobstructive as possible.  Well, the stuff I have ran into over the past few days has been neither in my estimation.  Both University Ave and a small stretch of Randall Street have been under construction these past days and have been rather debilitating towards traffic.  They are being done in such a way to cut off major arteries on the UW campus, causing traffic backups and headaches that are unnecessary.  If the backup causing construction was necessary, the city should have split up the projects to ease the traffic flow issues.

The only other thing on the list for this week is the University of Wisconsin athletic office.  Nope, it’s not about student tickets or their strict policies regarding student-fan behavior at games (even though that “Roll Out the Red Carpet” program is a joke.  I mean you do not cater a game towards fans of the opposite team.  You treat your own fans like they are the kings of the castle and let the other fans choose whether or not to come.  There will always be Badger fans to take up any left over spots).  Nope, this time around it’s regarding  baseball.  I’ve had the chance to watch the college world series the past few weeks and it is really a great watch (ESPN and ESPN2 for those interested).  The games are exciting and the fans always seem to be having a great time.  The baseball program at UW was given the ax due to shrinking attendance and gender-equality issues.  It’s time to bring it back.  UC-Irvine was able to do just that and they made the jump from D-II to D-I recently, and they are now enjoying competing in the CWS.  The only athletic money makers at the University are football, basketball, and men’s hockey.  Other than that, the sports are a revenue black hole.  If we were able to add baseball and another women’s sport to even up the numbers to comply with Title IX (gymnastics, women’s water polo, field hockey, etc), I think we would have another revenue machine in the athletic department’s arsenal.  The fans are there.  The backbone of a team is there in the form of the club team.  It’s time for the athletic department to get on the track towards bringing the team back.

That’s really it for this week.  I promise to allow myself to become more agitated next week to make for a longer and more interesting post.  As always, feel free to post your own gripes on the comment board.

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