Posted by: Opey | June 23, 2007

Sometimes the World is Just Too Crazy

Every day we are bombarded with news stories that seem out of left field. Whether it is a story about a million dollar heiress driving around the streets drunk or more squabbling about minutiae in this bill or that one, there is always stories that make us shake our heads in amazement at some of the stupid things people do in the world today. Every once in a while, though, you come across a story that truly sends chills up your spine with sheer amazement at the actions of fellow members of the human community. This past week, as part of an abduction/missing persons investigation, Portage police officials came upon a scene with both murdered individuals and also a tortured and abused child. There really are no words thta can describe the amazement that something like this can be going on in the middle of Wisconsin. 3 people, two women and a man, are being held in connection with these crimes. The abducted/missing child was taken from Florida and was being held in Portage. Now it has been reported that the deceased’s 15 year old daughter is being held in connection with her mother’s murder and hiding of the corpse. It has been said that all of this was done to protect a ring of identity thefts that this group has perpetrated over the past several months. It is all so sad and deplorably horrific that such acts can happen. For more information on this case as it develops and grow, check out this link. I will be entering law school in the Fall of this year and I intend to, at least for now, focus on criminal law. It really brings things into perspective for myself when I look at this story. Would I be able to defend these people in court? I understand that it is a lawyer’s task to provide a legal defense for their clients, not necessarily a moral-based one, but there is so much “grey space.” Everything is fine and dandy when the sides of a case are nothing more than people in a gigantic casebook. Right now, I believe in my mind that I am able to separate the obligation from the moral perspective, but I’m not sure if I would want to. Hopefully I will be able to identify and wrestle with some of these types of moral/ethical issues as my law school journey starts in some 70 more days.

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