Posted by: Opey | June 27, 2007

Crew Week in Review: June 20 – 26

Wow, it feels good to be a Brewers fan.  Ever since I first began proclaiming myself as a fan of the Cream City Crushers, around age 6, I never thought I would be able to express such sentiment without some sort of reservation or sarcasm expressed in my voice.  Well, I was wrong.   This team has been proving game after game that they are here to flat out win.  Again this week the Brewers suffered only one loss (Damn extra innings meltdowns) to go 5-1.  Not only are the Brewers winning consistently for the first time in a decade, but a player from Milwaukee is leading fan voting in a position and has the chance to start at a position in the All Star Game for the first time since Paul Molitor.   I’m not going to lie, I anticipate a tear in my eye if (when) I get the opportunity to see Prince get announced as the starting first baseman at Pac Bell in July.  Not only that but we have a chance at 4 All Stars.  JJ will get in, if he doesn’t start and Sheets’ stats make him more than deserving.  This team has made amazing strides.  Through 77 games, the Crew has 45 wins, so they are on pace for roughly 94 wins (rough calculations).  I predicted going into the season that they had a good shot for between 86-88 wins.  If they are able to pass 90, and there still is a lot of season yet to play, it will be a major accomplishment, much like those of the Twins and Tigers over the past few seasons.  The team is crushing the ball much like in April and May and their starting pitching is doing outstanding.   I can’t say enough about how a team with an infield whose  infield has an average age equal to that of me is dominating the game right now.  It truly makes a long time fan proud.  OK, enough of the emotional stuff, time for the awards/predictions.

Brewer of the Week: There was an all out race for this award.  Three players pulled away at the beginning of the week and all made pushes to outlast the others.  But in the end there could be only one (from now on).  Ryan Braun, with a great 3 for 4 performance last night, managed to edge out Prince and Corey Hart by a nose.  He nearly had more RBIs than the other two combined and had more hits that Corey Hart, who in his own right is absolutely mashing the ball.  Congrats to Ryan on the great week.

Today’s Game: ‘Stros @ Brewers, 1:05 pm CT

  • Television: None     Radio: Brewers Radio Network ( 1310 WIBA in Madison)
  • Pitching Matchup: Woody Williams RHP (3-10 5.75 ERA) vs Jeff Suppan RHP (8-7 4.90 ERA)
  • Predictions:
    • Jeff Suppan has been a little shaky in his last few starts, including a nine run outing against the Twins.  Williams has also struggled over his last 3 outings, giving up close to as many runs.  This game really is shaping up to be an offensive bonanza, which probably means a pitching duel will ensue.  My predicted Suppan final line: 6.2 IP, 3K, 1BB, 3ER (and he comes away with the win)
    • I see no immediate end in sight for our great offensive production.  The top four spots in our lineup right now are all producing hits, runs and RBIs.  That trend will continue.  Corey Hart will extend his hit streak with 2 hits, Hardy will come away with at least 1 RBI and Braun and Fielder will each have a double by the end of the day.  I also see a HR coming from the 6, 7, or 8 spot.
    • I was right last week with the prediction of the dreaded _______ and I’m going to stick with success.  I see the brooms coming out again with the final score being:  Astros 5, Brewers 7

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