Posted by: Opey | July 1, 2007

MLB Selection Sunday

Here it is, the day that can really cement the recognition that is due to the Milwaukee Brewers this year.  Today the NL and AL All Star rosters are announced on TBS at 3pm CT.  As with any selection show, such as Bracket Sunday or any major sports draft, I am addicted to making predictions and second guessing the fans and personnel that have a say in the process.  With that being said I have a few predictions about this years All Star rosters and game.

First, and most importantly in my opinion, I see the Crew getting four players onto the NL roster.   Prince Fielder will is a lock to start at 1B, barring some sort of voting fraud the likes of which has never been seen before.  He is, again in my opinion, the most deserving NL All Star and has made a strong case to be deemed the unofficial first-half NL MVP.  He is absolutely crushing the ball and he has become a surprising leader on one of the best teams in the National League.  The next most likely player is Ben Sheets.  He won his 10th game yesterday which puts him in a tie for 3rd in the majors and a tie for 1st in the NL.  He has altered his pitching style to pitch more to contact and has remained injury free, two important things that has allowed him to pitch better than he ever has before.  The third most likely All Star is JJ Hardy.  Most people would put Cordero here, but I’ll touch on that in a bit.  JJ came out of the gates firing on all cylinders and, although he has cooled down a bit, still is a productive hitter at the top of the line up.  He is 8th in the NL in Average, but more importantly, he is 1st in RBIs, HRs, and SLG %.  Those types of stats will get him on the team, along with his stellar defense.  There is also the aspect of rewarding a first place team and I think that helps out JJ in this case.  The last Brewer to make the team, and this one is up in the air in my eyes, will be Cordero.  There are two things going against him that may keep him in Milwaukee during the All Star Festivities.   For one, there is the “What have you done for me lately factor.”  Cordero was lights out in the beginning of the season, but has come back to Earth in the last few weeks and that may stick in the minds of the NL All Star managers.  The other thing that may hold him out is the amount of pitching in the NL this year.  There is a question as to how many closers the NL roster will have, and with players like Hoffman almost assured a spot, it may be tough to get Cordero on.  That all being said, I think he still deserves to be on the team.  He is leading the NL in saves after all.

OK, so who all is going to start for the NL?  Right now I see Prince at 1B, Utley at 2B, Reyes at SS (You can’t beat New York in a popularity contest), Wright at 3B (Should be Cabrera, but again, NY has too many people), Martin at C (Finally a Met gets defeated), and then an outfield of  Beltran, Griffey, and Bonds (I see Bonds surpassing Soriano in the last few days of voting).  As for the starting pitcher, I would really really really like to see Sheets get the start, but it’s hard to argue against handing the ball to Peavey.  He has been consistently dominant throughout the year and has been much more publicly lauded than has Sheets.  The actual closer, if one is needed, will probably be Hoffman in recognition of his save mark and, to be honest,  I agree with that.  The NL team looks stacked and if I had to predict the outcome of the game right now, without looking long and hard at the AL team, I would have to say the NL has a great chance to win the game and will 7-4.  Home field advantage for the Crew sounds like a lovely thing.


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