Posted by: Opey | July 2, 2007

iPhone Mania…..Who Cares??

Quick everyone, whip up into a frenzy. Start pulling out your hair and stalking your friends and family that work at AT&T or Apple. The iPhone has arrived. My question is, ‘Why should we care?’ The iPhone craze seems so much like a product of marketing magic that it is really sickening. This has to be one of the most overly hyped devices to come out in the last several years. There were hundreds of websites devoted to monitoring every news story and rumor revolving around Apple’s new toy. Even the mainstream media saw fit to report on the release of a consumer product. Just today they released a report saying that sales of the iPhone have topped 500,000. While that is an impressive mark for a cell phone/iPod/PDA/cheese slicer, there are more important things happening in the world around us. It is a sad commentary on the nature of American society today that it is considered major news when a company releases some new techno-gadget. One of CNN’s own bloggers even goes so far as to call the iPhone “The business media’s own Paris Hilton.” But we know that the media over-hypes the wrong things and then ignores what is really important. That is not surprising. What I have a bigger issue with is the iPhone itself. It really isn’t the technology leap that everyone thinks it is. It is more of a beginning of a bridge from where we are now to where we are going.  Take it’s phone capabilities.  There are complaints all over that the connections are slow and that the call quality is spotty at best.  Who buys a cell phone whose cell phone capabilities are poor?  Fad chasers, that’s who.  Next, there is the iPod-type capabilities.  Sure the interface and visuals are updated, but the maximum capacity is only 8GB.  Most people I know have well over that on their current iPods.  Then there is the idea of the iPhone being the first “portable computer.” One word, ‘No.’  There is all sorts of talk about who much you can do with the new iPhone, but many other phones have those features and more.  You can download songs, sync calenders, surf the web and more on many phones out on the market today that are well below the $499 minimum price tag for the bottom-of-the-line iPhone, and with the other phones you can get a better cell package and have a choice of carrier.  Do not give in to the consumerism and fad-following that has become an epidemic.  You can do just fine with a good cell phone and an iPod, and do so for much cheaper.

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