Posted by: Opey | July 8, 2007

Law School Update: Student Directory Bio Hell

The past few Sundays on my part have been rather lame in terms of posting.  Truth be told, there usually isn’t much to blog about.  The news, local; sports; and otherwise, seems to take a vacation over the weekend, leaving me with little to talk, or more accurately bitch, about.  With that being said, I’m launching a new segment here at the Oratory.  Every Sunday I will blog about my experiences preparing for/trudging through law school.  I will give a glimpse into the life of a student making a direct undergrad to law school transition offering tips and insight into just what I’m going through.  Hopefully, this will provide some great information for both entertainment, but also for aspiring and current law students everywhere.

It’s always best to start in the beginning and that where I feel that I am.  I have mentioned before that I was starting to realize that law school was over the horizon, but that feeling has been hitting me now more than ever.  I recieved my first big mailing from UW a week or so ago with some information regarding orientation and other logistical stuff that needed to be covered.  It really drove home that the transition was coming.  We even received our first “assignment” of sorts.  We have been told to write up a biography of ourselves that will be included in a new student directory that will be handed out to students, faculty and staff.  This is no great novel by any stretch of the imagination (only 70-80 words), but it has been giving me fits since I recieved it.  All throughout the preparation phase of 0L summer I have been told that some of the most important things to do and remember are to network with everyone and to make great first impressions.  It is very much like high school, you get one shot to show people who you are.  The problem comes in in that the directory will be the first time many students get to “meet” on another.  I am great at improvisation when it comes to conversations and meeting people.  I’m able to climb out of a hole that I’ve buried myself in by interjecting the right thing at the right time.  A written biography offers me no such ability.  I am stuck using 70-80 words to introduce myself to my peers and professors.  On top of all of that, they school sent samples of bios written last year.  Of course, they are all from people with exciting and diverse backgrounds.  There are several masters and PhD students, several people with work experience, and one from the military.  They all had built in things to write about.  I am but a simple peon who will be jumping from UW undergrad to UW law school.  I was un-involved and rather dull in terms of my background, so I am put even further behind.  I have thought about including some humor or my nickname (which everyone but official type people use on a day to day basis) to try to set me apart, but there is the problem of sending an improper message to staff and faculty.  I guess I get to sit and stew over this for a few days and then write something up, send it, and hope it goes over with a bang or a whimper, whichever is better in this case.


  1. First, Congrats on getting into UW. I think you gave a great list on the posting of blogs and sites that will be useful to others who will be going through the process of applying to law school this year.
    Don’t give yourself too hard a time about the bio. It’s mostly used as a facebook (checking out the cute people, the egotistical people, trying to remember people’s names). Just be honest, list a hobby or two, and a good rule of thumb for making friends in law school is to be modest, humble and helpful.
    You’ll be great!

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