Posted by: Opey | July 10, 2007

Police Doing Right Thing in Nolan Case

I’d like to start of my post by acknowledging that I was incorrect about some of my assumptions regarding the Kelly Nolan case in my previous post.  I was a freshman just starting here at UW-Madison during the Audrey Seiler situation, so my vision was probably skewed by those circumstances.  Speculation is a natural and good part of human nature, but it must be put aside when something like this occurs.  It is a horrible thing that has happened to this young woman and now the search must begin with earnest to find those responsible.  Along those lines, I would like to commend the work, so far, of the Madison Police Department and other law enforcement officials in this case.  The fact that they have not released more information may frustrate the press and members of the Madison community, but it really is for the best.  When you begin to release waves of information about a case as sensitive as this, you risk hampering both the investigation, as well as any criminal proceedings that may result.  Being vague allows police officials to give just enough information to inform the community, but not enough to harm any work that they are doing.  That lack of specific information, however, has led to inevitable questions that will, hopefully, soon be answered:  What type of cell phone technology did the police use?  Why did it take them weeks to trace the cell phone?  Is there a “specific” suspect in the minds of the police or do they simply mean that a murder has occurred and they are searching for someone?  What of the person who claimed to know Nolan when he approached her and the bar employee?  The Madison community will have to sit and wait for answers to these and more questions.  The police have been appeared slow and secretive, but they have proved in the past to arrive at the proper ending in the past.


  1. I appreciate your investigative “thoughts” but- I didn’t know the body was positively identified— aren’t you jumping the gun?

  2. When the coroner comes out and says they believe it is her, it is just a matter of time until it is “official”

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