Posted by: Opey | July 12, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 5

Time is short today, but the show must go on, just in shorter form.  Only really 2 things that got to me this past week.  The first is an expansion of a post I wrote a few days ago.  I came out firing against the Live Earth concert and how it both failed to achieve what it aimed to do and also how hypocritical the stars seemed.  I want to broaden that for my first Enough is Enough subject.  I’ve really gotten sick of celebrities telling us how we have to live our lives, in all forms.  This encompasses people on all sides.  Take for example people such as Barbara Streisand and Al Gore.  Both of these people have recently been on the environmental and social impact bandwagons, telling throngs of people to do this and do that to help protect the environment.  We dig a bit deeper and it comes to light that these two people live in extravagant circumstances running up energy bills a mile long.  They fly all around the country and the world to spread their message of environmental activism, as well as pick up some nice checks sometimes in the process.  In addition, most celebrities who do have a legitimate gripe aim too broad.  Celebrity is all about excess I guess.  Instead of focusing on what the “lower levels” of people can do, how the everyday person can help, they instead focus on these large grandiose ideas and concepts.  Raise awareness???  How about instead you tell us to write our congressman, use CF bulbs, help out at a local shelter, whatever the cause may be.  The people that listen to these messages are already aware and willing to act.  All they need is direction and plan to act on.

The other item for this week came from this past weeks “Mid Summer Classic.”  Is there really any use anymore for all star games in sports?  They used to be a time when people could see stars from other teams that they couldn’t see due to media technology of the time.  You didn’t exactly have Sportscenter and the Internet back in the day to view your favorite, non-local-market players.  But now, with those two improvements in addition to others, a person can see they star players they want to see from around the globe at an instant.  Clearly the motive for holding these games is money.  There is no doubt about it.  Players do not play hard for fear of injury and losing out on millions in contract money.  Just look at the NBA All Star Game.  What was the final score this year?  It was 153 – 132.  That’s a joke (granted in my opinion the NBA as a whole is a joke, but that’s for another time).  Ratings for these games have been falling steadily for years.  The Pro Bowl is nothing more than a final fix for crazed football addicts.  No casual fan watches that.  Hell, even I didn’t and I consider myself a big fan of football in general.  If players or leagues still want to differentiate players that have performed above and beyond, do like colleges do and put out “All American” style teams.  Players can still be All Stars, but just skip the game and keep the season rolling.

As always, feel free to let your comments flow forth, whether they be a discussion of the above topics, or a gripe of your own.


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