Posted by: Opey | July 16, 2007

Strange Calm After the Storm

Late post today.  I’ve had too much on my plate this weekend and this morning to get around to the old blog ball and chain.  The rest of today will be more of the same in terms of being crazy busy, so this will be a short post.  Regularly scheduled programming will return tomorrow at its usual time, God willing.  I did want to point out an interesting thing that I noticed over the past weekend when I was out of town.  I happened to end up in a city this past weekend where there was unfortunately also a recent murder.  The papers and local news were plastered with coverage of the story, giving all the details and analyzing the story from all angles.  I then took the opportunity to look around at the various Madison media outlets.  After the quick rise in coverage of the Nolan story that occured over the past week, the story has largely, at least it seems, fallen out of the public eye.  I just wonder why this is.  I wrote last weekend that media coverage often over covers stories like this, but when there is some sort of public need to know about something, such as a murder, then at least some coverage is needed.  It is a tightrope walk, I will admit that.  But beyond even the media, there appears to be a movement away from this story.  I could understand if this was solved or if it appeared to be an accident, because moving on would be just what the doctor ordered.  But, in this case, there is an ongoing narrative.  It just seems that there has been a real drop in this case.  Is that because there is a lack of information?  This does appear to be a difficult case.  Many people pointed fingers immediately at the person who claimed to know Kelly when she and a bar employee were walking home.  If the police thought that lead was promising, they would have moved on it by now.  I assume they had a viable description from the employee.  There hasn’t even really been communications from MPD about any potential suspects to look out for.  That would lead me to believe this was an isolated incident, perhaps someone who knew Kelly is at the center.  There are still many questions that are left unanswered.  It just seems that many people have stopped asking for the moment.  But, I could be way off.

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