Posted by: Opey | July 17, 2007

Sex, Lies and Law School Funding Cuts

Has the world gone prostitute and mistress crazy? Over the past few weeks, the airwaves and newspapers have exploded with stories about various government officials and other prominent members of societies and their sex lives. Just this week the damn broke about Sen. Vitter of Louisiana and his dealings with New Orleans-based prostitutes. Sen. Vitter also had the “fortune” of being tied to the whole D.C. Madam fiasco. These types of situations really give a black eye to the Republican party. This is similar to the Clinton-gate scandal in that, agree with the actions of the Senate and Ken Starr or not, it was the background and tertiary issues that have the largest consequences. Cheating on your wife and/or using “escorts”/prostitutes are one thing. They may not be in a realm that would be classified as moral, but they are not negative to the point of immediate action. They should be prosecuted just like any other crime, but politically they are of less importance. Where the problems arise is in what happens during or afterwards. In Clinton’s case, he was tried not because of the affair itself, but because of the possible issues of perjury and miss-use of power. Again, agree or disagree with it if you will. In Vitter’s case, and the case of many Republican politicians involved in similar situations, the larger issues arise over hypocrisy. Vitter has often been heard lauding moral values and calling for resignations of politicians involved in similar scandals. I do not believe that we can have any faith in politicians that do not practice what they preach. It amounts to a lie to their constituents to say one thing and do the other. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes sometimes, but what separates the good from the bad is what is done after the mistakes are made. If there is admission of guilt and some sort of atonement (saying that you did not live up to your own standards, apologizing for statements/actions, etc), then I, and others, would be willing to move on. But when there is a sprint from any sort of responsibilities or removal of hypocritical undertones, then I have a problem.

Speaking of politicians with whom I have a problem with, WI Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Green Bay, called for the complete removal of state funds for the UW law school last Friday. This is the same representative who proposed that we arm teachers in response to school shootings. Needless to say, this measure will probably not see the light of day, but it is scary to think that members of our state legislature think like this. Erik Opsal at The Hippie Perspective has a great take on the issue here.  I have to admit a large bias, for obvious reasons, but I had to come out and say something.  Funding aside, to avoid my bias, it is just frightening to know that our representatives use such faulty logic and yet continue to get elected and run this state.  We are in a bad way if people like this are allowed to continue to hold on to office.



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