Posted by: Opey | July 19, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 6

Another Thursday, another set of topics to piss and moan about. My time is short this morning, so I’ll get write to the gripes. First off, I am beginning to have a real problem with the latest tone in the coverage of both the Brewers and Cubs on ESPN and other sports networks. In the beginning of the season, the Brewers could do no wrong. They were being labeled as “America’s Team” and a “Team of Destiny.” Now, when they lose a bit of their division lead (but maintain one of the best records in the NL) and lose their ace for a month or more (but still have one of the best bullpens in the league and two young starters ready to step in), they are now said to not have the stuff to hold on to the division. In that same light, the Cubs are now the talk of the sporting world. I understand that they have played lights out these past few weeks, but I think things are being over blown. They are still behind the Brewers in the central division. In my opinion, this is a story of simple market economics. Who has the bigger following and market, the Brewers or the Cubs? The answer to that question then factors in to the amount of coverage and “hype” that each team receives. I understand that the Brewers have stumbled a bit lately and the Cubs have played better, but both of those do not equal out to a 180 degree turn in coverage.

The next thing on the ol’ list for this week also takes place in the world of sports. As many people know, even those who do not religiously watch Sportscenter like I do, Michael Vick was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he conducted dog fights. I have previously discussed my recent reactions to similar situations with other players in another post (Here).  I’ve had enough of the immaturity and lack of responsibility on the part of these players.  To be so stupid to do such horrible things, whether it be dog fighting or other felonious acts, it’s just deplorable.  In addition, I’m sick of the people who come out and try to defend these stars saying that they are just victims of their friends actions.  Nope, sorry.  If you make tremendous amounts of money, it is a good thing to help out those who were there for you while you had nothing, but when their actions are negative and then you either participate in them, help them conduct the acts, or even just allow them to continue, then you are as responsible as those directly responsible.  I think there needs to be a no tolerance policy for these types of actions.  If you are arrested/indicted, you should be immediately suspended, with pay, until the legal process is over.  At that time, if you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, you are out for a year without pay.  If you are found guilty of a felony, you are out for good.  The game needs to be cleaned up.  We have players at college teams pushing around their girlfriends and others threatening people with baseball bats and NFL players taking part in shootings and dog fights.  It’s time to bring some class back to the NFL and football in general.

The last quick thing for today is US network evening news.  Everybody hypes their evening news as some sort of “world news.”  That’s BS.  I stumbled upon a program by the BBC that actually focuses on the world, touching on everywhere.  BBC World News is real world news.  I saw information about a new Iranian hostage crises, rioting in Turkey and coverage of a plane crash in Brazil that I would have never seen on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX.  Network news in America is nothing more than a real life soap opera with a heavy focus on America and the news anchor themselves.

As always feel free to comment on any topic that I’ve mentioned and/or any topic you have had enough of.  Until tomorrow, Adios.


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