Posted by: Opey | July 22, 2007

Law School Update: The Time is Coming Quickly

Well, after some time over the last two weeks, I managed to finish my law school biography.  I never thought I would put so much time and thought into a ~75 word blurb, but I think I managed to come up with something that I am comfortable with.  I introduced myself, gave a few of my interests and goals, but managed to be vague and open enough not to pigeon-hole myself.  Now that that is done, I have nothing really to do for the next week or two as it relates to law school.  It really is a case of the calm before the storm.  I have sent in my transcript that confirms that I was able to graduate.  That itself is a bit of a bureaucratic annoyance.  I understand that it is a necessary part of the process, but I went to UW as an undergrad as well, but yet I still need to go through the process of paying cash to get my transcript sent the tremendous distance of less than half a mile from the administration building to the law school.  But, at least it’s official.  Now, the next step is waiting for my schedule.  I really don’t have a preference in terms of times for the classes (I’m a morning person anyways), but getting done early in the afternoon would be a nice surprise.  Those should come in the mail in the next week or two.  After that, the next step is orientation.  It really puts things into perspective comparing undergraduate and law school orientations.  Undergrad orientation consisted of about a day’s worth of material spread out over two days.  For law school, orientation lasts 4 days with programs lasting from 8am to 5 or 6 in the evening.  There will be book buying times, a day devoted to community service projects, a day devoted to seminars and lectures, and then everything else one would expect to go through in an orientation program.  It really seems like an impressive program.  I’m glad that the school sets students out into the community during their first few days.  It puts the legal world into perspective: you are there to help people.  Well, I guess I’ll have to just bide my time until the next step in the 0L summer.


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