Posted by: Opey | July 24, 2007

100 Posts Parade

I was indulging my vanity yesterday, so I decided I would look through the stats for my blog. I usually will check out how many people have read each day, but I don’t go any further than that. While I was trolling around the stats page, I came across the “life of the blog stats,” if you will. Then came the surprise. As of yesterday, I had 104 posts on this blog. To me, at least, that is quite a shock. To put it in perspective, the blog “project” that I set out to do last year only made it to about 10-15 posts. I only managed to post weekly and even then I managed to miss a week or two and eventually gave up as the summer rolled on. Having reached the 100 post mark is quite the accomplishment for me in that light. In addition to the 100+ posts, I have managed to garner 1791 views and 55 comments, a gigantic increase over my previous blogging venture. I figured on those notes I would list both the readers favorite posts, as well as a few posts that I thought were rather well done but fell through the cracks, if you will.

Fan Favorites

  1. The whole rash of visitors to my blog began on two fateful days in April this year. I sat down during the NFL draft and decided that I would offer my reactions to the first round pick of the Packers and that would be the end of it. While I posted my thoughts and then checked my stats after an hour. Little did I know that my post had been linked to on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website. From there, I knew I had to offer analysis on each pick from there. They have been my best posts so far. Here they are (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3(a), Round 3(b), Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7(a), Round 7(b))
  2. The next fan favorite topic was the naming of a local Madison elementary school after Vang Pao, a Hmong general during the Vietnam war. There were questions about Pao’s past, and as it turned out his present, and I wrote about my thoughts here.
  3. Then, there was a post whose theme was replicated around the globe. My Sopranos finale predictions. Also, there was my finale reactions.

My Favorites: Those posts that may have fallen through the cracks

  1. This blog started, in part, as an attempt to discuss my preparations for law school. Here was my post on some of the paths people choose for that preparation.
  2. I found an interesting story about the use of video games in elementary and high school gym classes and offered my views.
  3. There was also my reactions to ESPN’s coverage of this year’s national spelling bee.

Thank you all for reading the strange outpourings of my mind.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey into my mind so far and that you’ll continue to enjoy reading in the future.



  1. haha i also benefited from having my site unknowingly linked to the milwaukee journal sentinel site and it looks like we did the same thing. my draft analysis posts were my most popular ever and i’ve been getting many more daily visitors now.

  2. yeah, I float around in terms of blog theme, so all my Packer fan readers quickly flocked away. I’m going to blog more about the Pack in the coming weeks though

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