Posted by: Opey | July 26, 2007

Enough is Enough Thursday – Week 7

Time for a theme in this week’s edition of Enough is Enough. I hadn’t intended on doing this, but as I sat down to think about my gripes for the week it became clear very quickly that they all fit nicely under one umbrella. What is that umbrella you ask. Why it’s politics of course. I mean what else could ignite such ire in the hearts and minds of people. Anyways, time for some pissing and moaning.

First up on the docket today is a certain member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. That certain representative is Rep Frank Lasee (R). He represents district 2 in Green Bay and has to be the most insane member of what has turned into a circus at the assembly. Lasee is probably best known around Madison and the state as the one who thought that arming teachers would be a wise and prudent solution to the rise in school violence. That’s right, the next time a student gets out of line or starts shooting the “faculty militia” could return fire, if he had his way. His other infamous proposal that has come out in the past few weeks is the complete removal of state funding for the UW Law School because lawyers and lawsuits have turned into a “plague of locusts.” He is also amongst a group of representatives that is in favor of major funding cuts to the UW System in general. I can’t make that type of bat-nuts-crazy stuff up. Here, check out Lasee’s Blog. He has been thoroughly taken through the ringer in the comments sections and for good reason. People like this, on both sides of the aisle, should not be representing the good people of this state.

Next up comes the recent “YouTube Debate.” Enough already. I will preface my comments by saying that I did not watch the actual debate live, but I have seen the “highlights.” Is there a group of people actually getting anything out of this, besides political junkies? This was supposed to be the populace’s chance to have their voices heard and to ask their questions. Fat chance. It ended up being nothing more than putting a shiny red bow on the same old box. You got to hear the same stump speeches and the same old rhetoric. There is no need to have debate after debate this early in the campaign cycle. I would have been fine with one early on to give candidates some national attention and then starting more as we got closer to the primaries, but the number of debates and depth of the coverage so far has been beyond overkill.

Finally for today, there is a more broad/theoretical gripe. As I pondered the previous two gripes and discussed them with my roommates, I realized that hypocrisy is ruining and hampering any sort of political progress in this country. I know, shocking isn’t it. It seems intuitive that this is going on, given the human condition to look out for ones self, but when you finally realize it, it is a minor eureka moment. Everyone wants there to be fairness and balance in politics and society, but the realistic question is, ‘fair and balanced for whom?’ Everyone will cry foul when they are mistreated as the minority, but as the majority they will not balk at the chance to put the screws to someone. There have been proposals to legislate talk radio so that it is fair and balanced for both sides of the aisle by a few Democrats (Dennis Kucinich amongst them) and there have been examples on the other side as well. As my roommate put it, you can’t have it both ways and neither ways is inherently bad. You can have true fairness and balance, but nothing will probably get done. On the other hand, you could realize that politics are reciprocal. You roll with the punches and cooperate and then when you are in power, you have the chance to set the agenda, but make sure you are willing to hear the voices of those in your former position. This type of atmosphere will probably never take hold, but a guy can hope can’t he.

There they are ladies and gentleman, my quick-hit gripes for this week. Feel free to posts comments of agreement/disagreement or you could also post about anything that is on your last nerve.

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