Posted by: Opey | July 27, 2007

Sometimes Good Things Happen to Great People

Let me start off by saying that this will be a short post. I’m saving up my blogging energy for a Green Bay Packers Preview that I’ll be writing tomorrow, hopefully. Training camp is just around the corner and given that, and the fact that the Brewers appear to be mired in a bit of a slide as of late, my interest in the NFL has steadily risen over the past few days. I’ve been a football fan since I could throw my first football and each fall brings with it the sights and sounds of two of the greatest seasons outside of summer, fall, winter and spring: Professional and College Football. So look for a Packers Preview this weekend and a Badgers Preview in the coming weeks. Anyways, time to get to the actual abbreviated topic of this post. In this day and age you hear so much about the negatives of sports and the athletes that play them. From Pacman Jones to Michael Vick to Tim Donaghy to the slew of Tour de France riders, the public perception of sports have been mired in a negative light in the past few weeks and months. It really is a shame because sports are meant to be recreation and entertainment, but when these members of their respective leagues cast a shadow on their sport, that meaning is quickly lost. There are good stories out there though. One such story that is of some importance to people in Wisconsin is that of Joe Thomas. Joe grew up in Brookfield, WI and entered UW as one of the most highly touted offensive lineman in his recruiting class. Throughout his career at Wisconsin, he managed to dominate in one of the toughest football conferences in the country. While he dominated on the field, he managed to be a genuine good guy off it. He never was involved in any sort of nefarious activities, unlike Lance Smith, Booker Stanley, Elijah Hodge, and the list goes on and on and on. Thomas was also accomplished in the classroom, graduating with a 3.5 GPA while majoring in business (all while playing 2 sports). He managed to earn Academic All-Big Ten Conference and ESPN Academic All-District V honors.  When his college career finished, he continued his humble ways, pushing aside invites to attend the NFL draft, instead choosing to go fishing with his father. Well, Joe Thomas got what good people like him deserve. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 3rd pick in the draft this year and now he has signed a 5-year, $42.5 million contract.  I am usually the first to have gripes about the size of contracts in professional sports, but this one is deserving.  Not only is Thomas a tremendous player, but he is also a person of good character.  The NFL, and all other sports, need more people like Joe Thomas playing in their leagues.  Thankfully, this nice guy didn’t finish last.



  1. […] coverage where the good athletics can do gets its proper due. Last week I made mention about Joe Thomas signing with the Browns and how it was good to see a truly good person receive what he deserves in professional sports. […]

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