Posted by: Opey | July 29, 2007

Law School Update: Schedules Are Here

Well, the Law School Gods have shined down upon me.  I had waited with great anticipation for the past few weeks for my schedule and orientation material to arrive in the mail.  Well, on Saturday, the vaunted big envelope finally arrived.  I was rather pleased with the schedule that had been assigned to me.  I had heard horror stories about people being stuck in their respective law school buildings for 8 hours a day and having either extremely early or dreadfully late classes.  Well, as luck would have it, my schedule fits me to a T.  The start of my day begins at 9:15 at the latest.  I am very much a morning person.  I will often get up during the school year at 5/6 am to workout, so I am rather pleased with this time slot.  I am done pretty early in the afternoon Thursday and Friday, so that is also a big plus.  For having a 17 credit course load, the schedule is broken up rather nicely and is not too dense.  In addition to my great schedule, the law school packet also included a schedule for our orientation activities.  Again, a pleasant surprise accompanied this schedule as well.  Instead of the four day 8-5 orientation that I was planning to have to endure, it turns out that it is actually only 3 days.  In addition to that, one of the days is taken up by buying our 1L books, so we only need to be there during our allotted buying time, so that cuts out some time as well.  The community service aspect during one of the days sounds like it will be a great experience, so that is also a major plus.  I was planning for a disaster ( I know, what else is new? ) when it came to my class schedule and the schedule of orientation activities, but I am tremendously pleased and excited that they both turned out so well.  I now have my schedule set, my biography has been submitted, I’ve sent in my graduation confirmation and I’ve read over the “Read This First” packet included in our materials.  I’m ready, let the legal education commence.


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