Posted by: Opey | August 1, 2007

Crew Week In Review: July 25 – July 31

Crappy. That is the only word that can properly describe how the Brewers played over the past week and still maintain some sense of decorum on this blog. I would love to shower the team with 4 letter words, but I have so far been able to hold myself in check. The team went 2-7 over the past week, with a big coming last night against the Mets at home. The team is all over the place at this point. The offense appears to have decided to take a midseason vacation and it showed on the road at Cincinnati and St. Louis. That St. Louis series really hurt, especially the day that will be looked at as the negative turning point if the Brewers do not make a real run at the playoffs this year. That day is July 28, the day of the doubleheader. It left me physically weak to watch the team drop two games to the struggling Cardinals. But, I will not dwell any further on the negatives. I will instead look on to some possible remedies for what ails the Crew. Dr Opey’s first prescription has yet to be followed all year: a consistent lineup. Baseball is a game where players get into groves, and the only way they are able to do that is consistent playing time at a consistent position. The next pill to take would be to give Manny Parra another start. He pitched well on Saturday but was let down by the pen. Give either Cappy or Soup a start off and let’s see how Parra does. If he does well, then you can either alternate him with YoGo or give him a rotation spot of his own. The next remedy has actually happened. The Crew sent down Ricky Weeks to AAA to work some stuff out. Graffy has been hitting well lately (watch out for the Apocalypse) so give him some starts and give Counsell some starts at 2B and free up Hardy to play every day. Also, unless his most recent production continues, Jenkins needs to sit down for awhile in order to let him rest up and mental seek the Summer streaks that he is famous for. The only other cure I can offer is to give Cordero a break. Given a week, I think he has the chance to be the old Francisco. With Wise, Linebrink and Turnbow in the pen we should be able to handle a week off for Cordero. How many of the four remaining remedies do I expect to actually happen? I’d say 0, but it’s nice to dream

Brewer of the Week: I couldn’t in good conscious give out an award to any player for the effort over the past week. I guess the best way to handle this is to give this award to the fans that have remained with the team over the last few days. So here’s to you diehards.

Today’s Game: Mets @ Brewer, 7:05 PM CT

  • Television: FSN-HD and ESPN Radio: Brewers Radio Network (1310 WIBA AM in Madison)
  • Pitching Matchup: Oliver Perez LHP (9-7, 2.84 ERA) vs Claudio Vargas RHP (9-2, 4.30 ERA)
  • Predictions:
    • Claudio Vargas has done nothing but pitch quality games when he takes the mound at Miller Park. In fact, he has yet to lose at home. Perez has pitched very well over his past few starts, so it will be a tough task for the Brewers to kick start their anemic offense against him. The problem with Vargas’ start tonight, though, is the bullpen use over the past week in addition to last nights 13 inning affair. Vargas will need to go at least 6 to help give some rest to a battered unit and I just don’t see it against a tough Mets team: (5.1 IP, 4K, 2BB, 4ER)
    • JJ Hardy and Ryan Braun have been the best Brewers, offensively, over the past 7 days. They both are near .400 over that stretch. I see them each contributing at least a hit. Fielder has been scuffling as of late, but I can see him turning it around against Perez in front of the Miller Park crowd. I see him getting his first HR in a while. One surprise tonight might be Johnny Estrada. Look for him to have a great game if he’s in the lineup for tonight’s game.
    • This is an important game. The Cubs are playing a heavily injured Phillies tea, so they look to have an easy win in hand, so the Crew needs to play well to hold on to sole possession of first place. Unfortunately the combination of Vargas coming off a lenghty start and a taxed Brewers bullpen will lead us down the path to “Tie Town.” Mets 6 Brewers 3

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